Woody End Farm
Altomar's Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats and ducks of several kinds

ML and Margherita inherited the farm from our mother over 20 years ago and have been working slowly, but steadily to bring it back.  It's been some work!!  We have made progress though...

15 years ago (we grew up with a dairy goat herd), we brought goats back to the farm - Nigerian Dwarf goats to be specific - and we're very proud of what we've been able to accomplish with them. We chose the breed because it was small but had an excellent reputation for quality milk.  We've found them to have wonderful personalities, truly excellent milk, an ability to eat all of our invasive plants and to clear our stone walls - a win/win!  Here are our latest milk stats from DairyOne - composite milk results 12/10/20 butterfat 8.62, protein 5.30, SCC 125 - email us for explanations. 

We have does (and each year's babies) from excellent registered milk production lines for sale. If interested, please contact us at 978-874-1373 or altobelliml260@comcast.net.

8 years ago, we added ducks to help with the insect and slug problems and now sell eggs from a mixed flock of Khaki Campbell and Golden Cascade ducks - and the ducks have excellent personalities as well!  We have one girl who "discusses" her needs at volume every time we move her :)